Men of Integrity

“Making Men Whole”

The CGMA Men of Integrity exists to give men the opportunity, place, and tools that will help them to mature spiritually, mentally, relationally, socially, and physically.  This ministry is dedicated to help men learn how to grow in every aspect of life, so they and their families can be integral assets to their pastors, churches and the Kingdom of God. It also focuses on helping churches and pastors create a safe-harbor for men to be honest and encourage men thru failures by establishing transparency, vulnerability, and trust.


Our Vision is to make “REEL Men” that live in the biblical image in which God created them.  Men who are able to….

  1.  RELATE – We allow opportunities for men to be honest, build relationships, and have fun by offering activities, camps, and events that create an environment for men to be active, open, an informed.R
  2. EDUCATE – We work with districts, churches, and the CGMA Education Dept to offer classes, resources, and events that will help men understand how God has created them, God’s intention for them, and help them recover from the effects of Adam’s fall and recapture their God-given manhood.
  3. EQUIP – We strive to provide resources online, in hand, or access to professional services for various aspects of life as a man.  Anything from addictions to family relations, to mental health, personal purpose, spiritual insight, exercise, diet, etc. to help combat problems men face.
  4.  LIVE –We aim to provide men with safe places to allow their struggles, navigate their issues, and be vulnerable about themselves.  We do this by connecting them together with like-minded believers, and by helping churches become safe harbors where men can thrive thru their problems instead of being criticized or ignored.  We also endeavor to help churches and congregations accept the humanity of their pastors and help pastors be vulnerable and create trusting relationships with the men of their church. 

Rev. Carl McNeill

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